About Us

Beijing Vastitude Technology Co., Ltd. (“BVT”) is an innovative high-tech company which is founded by the senior professionals who had many years of experience in remote sensing and geographic information industry, engaged in processing, integration, analysis of geographic information big data and other industries data. BVT is committing to promote the application mode change of RS, GIS and GPS in government and other industry, and to focus on the innovation of IT, geographic information service and business model, especially for the mobile Internet era, for the industry and for the public.

BVT owns a professional team of remote sensing services, and accumulated rich experience in the data sales, processing and analysis. Currently, BVT has a high degree of cooperation with China Resources Satellite Centre (CRESDA) in data processing and analysis, and has established a good cooperative relationship with the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC) in geographic information services. BVT focused on remote sensing technology application in oil and gas, agriculture and other industries, as well as mapping and environmental protection and other government departments, and has a good customer base in these field, the market expectations is very hopeful.
BVT is the agent of SI Imaging Services(SIIS) and the regional exclusive agent of Sivan Design in China. KOMPSAT series programs have been in process for 1994 [KOMPSAT-1]. The images of KOMPSAT-2/3/5 which has been successfully entered into world market by SI Imaging Services. Sivan Design is a world leader provider of tailor made GIS solutions. Their flagship product of “3D-GIS in the Cloud” is a cloud-based web application used for publishing and sharing geographic information in a realistic 3D environment. BVT is in charge of marketing, technical service and product sales of the SivanDesign’s products in Chinese region.

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